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DID YOU KNOW more than 40,000 pets die each year in home fires! Don�t
leave your pet(s) home unprotected and let them become a fire statistic.

Order your "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire
Rescue Window Decals and protect your
cherished pets when you are not at home!

Thousands of family pets perish each year in home fires and other disasters. Many pet deaths could be avoided if pet owners took the time to place �Rescue Rover� Pet Alert decals on windows. Fire Lieutenant John Rogers says, "when animals are stressed, they hide from us, big-time. Because they are small, smoke affects them worse and quicker than it does a human". �Rescue Rover� Pet alert decals can be placed on a windows or doors to alert Firefighters or Police to save your pet(s) in case of a fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake or other emergency situation. The vibrant red and white decal features "Rescue Rover," the Dalmatian dog mascot, wearing a Fireman's hat with "PET ALERT" Fire Rescue (Please Save our Pets) in big, bold, bright white letters. Help increase your pets' chances of survival in an emergency situation. Pet Alert decals can also be an added deterrent to unsuspecting burglars who see the bright red and white decals on windows, thinking twice before trying to break into your home, knowing that there are pets inside who might attack or alert homeowners of their presence!





• 'Rescue Rover' Pet Alert Decals are 5" x 6" in size and come (two per package)

• 'Rescue Rover' Decals are Bright, vibrant red color, assuring high EZ alert visibility

• 'Rescue Rover' Pet Alert Decals are made of strong, static-cling, weather-proof vinyl material
that adheres to any clean glass surface without adhesive and can easily be removed

• 'Rescue Rover' Pet Alert Decals are for use in homes, apartments, condos, businesses, boats and RVs

• 'Rescue Rover' Pet Alert Decals can deter burglars, knowing pets are inside that may attack or alert homeowners and residents

Save on multiple 'Rescue Rover' Pet Alert Decal packs when ordering. Give Pet Alert Decals to friends and family as a special gift to protect their pets. Discounts are automatically calculated according to the chart below.

Purchase in Quantity and Save!

Number of Packs Number of Decals Price per Pack Price
1 2 $5.00 $5.00
2 4 $4.75 $9.50
3 6 $4.50 $13.50
4 8 $4.25 $17.00
5 10 $3.99 $19.95
10 20 $3.50 $35.00
25 50 $3.00 $75.00
50 100 $1.99 $99.50

BUY 5 PACKS (10 Pet Alert Decals) FOR $19.95 and get FREE SHIPPING. Save on multiple packs when ordering.
Give Pet Alert Decals to friends and family as a special gift to protect their cherished pets.

Quantity Amounts 1 - 4
Quantity Amounts 5 - 50 packs

Shipping/ Processing charge of $2.95
Free Shipping in USA on all orders over $19.95
For larger quantities please contact us

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