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Manufacturer of Rescue Rover"Pet Alert" Static Cling Fire Rescue Window Decals to the Pet Retail Industry
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Pet Safety Alert Inc. is a pet friendly company located in Florida that manufactures and markets their “Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Fire Rescue static cling window decals to pet owners who care about protecting their cherished pet family members in case of Fires or any natural disasters that may occur anytime such as (Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Floods, Snowstorms, etc). The vibrant bright red and white Pet Alert decals with a Dalmatian Dog mascot named "Rescue Rover" wearing a fireman hat say: "Pet Alert" Fire Rescue (Please Save our Pets) in big bold bright white letters.

Pet Safety Alert knows the importance of promoting pet safety awareness in communities throughout the United States and Canada. I’d like to tell you why I created the “Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Fire Rescue window decals. Having seen on the news and hearing one too many times about peoples homes or apartments that had caught on fire that had pets inside made me decide to do some research on the statistics of pets that were killed in home fires and found that the numbers are staggering. People are horrified when they realize how helpless their pets would be in a fire", says Brenda Kjos, creator of the "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire Rescue decals.

When a horrific fire broke out, I was in tears as I watched on TV several dogs and cats being rescued from a second story burning apartment building. I was consumed with fear that if it ever happened to me, how anyone would know that I had my helpless animals in my home for anyone to save them! That is when I took action and created the "Rescue Rover” Pet Alert" Fire Rescue Window Decals to help to provide a Pet Safety Alert product that can be offered to pet owners who care about protecting their pets lives in case of fire or any emergency disaster to help to alert firefighters, police, emergency personnel or rescue organizations that their are pets inside in need of being rescued and saved. For many people, pets are like members of the family. In the event of a home fire, wouldn't you want firefighters or anyone to know you have pets inside? There is no price you can pay to protect and save a pet family member. It's Priceless!

Thousands of family pets perish each year in home fires and other natural disasters like when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and thousands of people evacuated and left their pets behind in there homes or apartments thinking they would be coming back after the Hurricane was over and their pets would be safe. Over 150,000 pets of all kinds were left behind; many of these innocent pets did not survive and perished in the aftermath.

Many pet owners treat their pets as a family member and in many cases they are as concerned about their pet’s safety just as their own children. The interest in pet safety awareness has grown and is growing tremendously not only for the pet owners but with our communities, including the fire departments, which in many cities now carry pet oxygen masks on their trucks to help revive an animal that has been rescued from a fire.
(Read more about Pet Oxygen Masks in our Pet Alert News Section).

That is why “Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Fire Rescue window decals go hand in hand in working together with our fire departments and emergency personnel to ALERT them of pets inside of a residence that need to be saved and rescued. Having “Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Fire Rescue window decals on windows gives firefighters or emergency personnel a much better chance of alerting them that there are pets inside of a residence and lets them know how many and what type of pets that are inside when they arrive on the scene that need to be saved and rescued and can mean the split second difference between life and death for the survival of your pet family member.

The 5" x 6" Pet Alert decals are printed with a bright vibrant red and white color for EZ eye catching visibility, and are made of a strong durable weather proof static cling vinyl material that will adhere to any glass window surface and can easily be put on or removed and reused again. Pet Alert Decals can be placed in (Homes, Apts, Condos, Mobile Homes, RV Motor Homes, Boats, and Businesses) or anywhere pets are housed.

Properly displayed, Pet Alert Fire Rescue decals greatly increase a pet's chances of survival and being saved. It is our sincere commitment that through the widespread use of our lifesaving Pet Alert Fire Rescue decals, the number of tragic companion animal deaths due to fire or any disaster will be significantly reduced.

Pet Alert decals can also be an added deterrent to unsuspecting burglars that see the bright red and white decals on windows, thinking twice before trying to break into your home, knowing that there are pets inside that might attack or alert them of their presence.

It was a pleasure to introduce our "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire Rescue static cling decals. We look forward to working to provide our best top quality lifesaving Pet Safety Alert product to your company and pet customers who care about protecting their pets. If you have any questions on wholesale or distributor pricing please e-mail or call.

Pets are like family and need to be protected.
Don't leave pets home without a Rescue Rover Pet Alert Decal!

Thank you!

Brenda Kjos, President
Pet Safety Alert Inc.


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